Giving Back
Garrett Camp

If Garret Camp really cared about society and humans, rather than feeds his own ego, he would first look at the exploitation of Uber drivers and the hours they are doing in order to met their basic needs in modern day society (USA and UK). It’s easy to look far out when the most pressing of issues are closer to home. How about making things fairer for your own drivers rather than exploit them and help Africa in the process. How does this help the world Mr Camp?

How about very simple things like a reduction in a Uber drivers weekly commission, say by 1% for every two years worked to help bring their overheads down or perhaps a 1.5% pension scheme for when drivers retire? There is nothing in an Uber drivers mandate where the employer is actually showing gratitude or even a ‘thanks’ for having made Uber the company it is. There is no compassion or a caring attitude by Uber management for its drivers and yet they are keen on ‘fixing’ other world problems. Shame on you Mr Camp and other deluded monsters of modern day corporate greed.

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