The Soccer Mom Problem: How Parents Fail
Charles Chu

I was a bit confused by the opening reference to Samuel Vetter. I had always remembered the truth a bit differently, and a single google search confirmed that not only was the kid born was with a rare genetic disease that left him without a functioning immune system, but that this same condition had afflicted the parent’s first child which just a few years earlier had died in infancy.

I’m very sympathetic to us being cautious not to hold our children back from failure, it’s a salient point that deserves to be expressed in an era of participation awards and empty trophies, and I salute you for bringing those two reference materials to my attention, they will serve as good reads while my new daughter grows into toddlerhood, but I would suggest not referencing Bubble Boy as an example.

Whatever we call them: soccer moms, tiger moms, helicopter parents, when the consequence of your “letting your children fail” is morbidity or, worse, mortality, I think a lot of us would easily and welcomingly allow ourselves to be branded the over-protective parent, lest we be castigated as the monsters who didn’t do enough to keep our kids from dying.

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