I have no idea.
Memo Salazar

Hi Memo — this is a great discussion that you have started. I can’t help but to focus on your historical points of FDR that you emphasize and those that you do not. He is for a lot of historians and thus, Americans, one of the top presidents of all time along with Lincoln and Washington. But some interesting tid bits that seem to be left out by you and a lot of history about him lately… He had the backing of the American people to stay out of the WWII but he knew that if there was a reason to go to war it would pull the country together like never before and he could effect real lasting economic change. Some could draw parallels to the Neo Cons looking to invade Iraq for US best interests. But we know FDR surely backed Japan into a corner and some would say he was very aware of what the response might be — an attack by Japan which we learn about happened on Dec 7th in Pearl Harbor

and thus getting the American people’s backing to enter the war.

I know your piece is not supposed to be a general history lesson but when you talk about the “oligarchs” of the US and how they are criminals for the atrocities they committed against the first worker revolts (or elude to it) it would be well balanced and add credibility to share some of the other historical points like that FDR put 100,000 Japanese into internment camps much like Trump may have us believe would be a good idea to do to the Muslims when an ISIS attack eventually is successful on US soil. It’s a tricky business using history to back our points as facts that happened — that things occurrences should or shouldn’t happen again. There is always fiction inside these facts whether by purpose or by accident - things always just seem to get put in and get left out.

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