Motivation for Life

People say that life can be hard, or boring, or a waste of time, but life is the only place where we can express ourselves. For those that say bad things about life, rarely will they see the good things in life. You cannot focus on the bad things when there are so many good things just within your reach.

For a long time, I thought I was entitled to success. Only after discovering my passion, I realized that I had the wrong idea. I’m not entitled to anything. The world owes me jack shit. The only way that I’ll come by success is if I strive for it. And the run won’t be easy. My dream will lead to my success. It may not be in the next couple of months or even the next 5 years, but I will claim it. It doesn’t matter how many obstacles life throws my way, I will fight for my victory. And I will get it.

There are times when you’ll feel like quitting, but the trick is to just think about your dream. Think about the work you’ve completed. Think about the struggle you’ve suffered through. Think about the end goal and compare it to your starting point. Look how far you’ve come. And understand that anything is always better than nothing. So take these words into consideration the next time you think about quitting:

Your dream is the driver of your life. Let it guide you to a brighter future.