Apple News

I’m a reformed news junkie, I used to be super plugged in to the events of a day -hardly ever missed a Newsnight, a Channel 4 News or a Question Time. These days it’s quite the opposite and I have to make a concerted effort to understand what’s happened in the world outside my tech startup bubble.

Since Circa was shuttered I’ve not had a news app that stuck more than Apple News on the iPad, it’s probably my most utilised Apple app after Music and I enjoy it for making magazines I like more accessible.

The Twitters are still excellent for breaking news but if I’m following breaking news in real time Moments falls far short of being useful, it’s slow to capture content that’s informative or even illuminating and really it’s only handy for me if I wanna catch up with a shallow overview before I go deep somewhere else.

So I went to Apple News when my stream let me know Alan Rickman had died and mixed in with #OscarsSoWhite pieces and Bowie obituaries from two days ago are articles on the November massacres in Paris, eight weeks old; and the San Bernardino shootings six weeks ago.

For a straight 10 seconds the discombobulation was a heavy fog -like how could I have missed this, I’ve been out today and interacted with other humans? Then I gave the piece as second pass and it’s publication stamp is a 6W for November 2015, and I’m wondering why Apple News hasn’t archived it but maybe they’re preoccupied with ways to measure and count it’s users.