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More liberal salt and whining. Seems like thats all you guys are good at. But what more can you expect from a bunch of SJW hypocrites who cant handle opinions or viewpoints different than their own? What more can you expect from a bunch of neanderthals who act like Trump is the devil, while at the same time ignoring all the stone cold facts that clearly point towards Hilary being a criminal scumbag herself?

I firmly believe there wasnt a single decent candidate in this election, and I really have no issue with level headed people who voted Hilary. But the supposed “progressive” left sheep who ate up every piece of poo idiots like this Judd Legum guy shat out? The supposed progressive left who whined about Trump saying he wouldnt respect the election results, but are now crying and rioting and attacking innocent people? The progressive left that needs “safe zones” to hide from different opinions and viewpoints because their shattered egos are too soft to handle different opinions or the fact that their side lost?

I was never huge on the idea of Trump being president, and I still have my doubts. But everyday, my support of him grows, if only to distance myself from leftist cowards like this Judd Legum, and almost everyone who frequents this crappy site.

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