1000th Update to Apache Spark Notes

Jacek Laskowski
Jun 24, 2016 · 2 min read

I do remember the very first days when I was starting taking notes about Apache Spark at GitBook which I describe as follows:

Taking notes about Apache Spark while exploring the lowest depths (aka towards mastery of Apache Spark)

The writing project was partly due to my contract at that time and partly because I had always been thinking about blogging in a more comprehensive format. The idea was to let people learn things I’ve been enjoying to spend my time on (without the false discoveries that would badly influence the final understanding of a technology).

Stats at 1000th Update

And today is the day with 1000 updates to the Spark Notes writing project that is fully open sourced (on GitHub) and available at no charge (on GitBook).

This is to thank you, my dear reader, for your support in the writing journey into the depths of Apache Spark. It’s been a massive experience that still brings me so much joy! Thank you!

I’ve got lots of ideas to cover in the notes and the only concern is not the time anymore but the number of pages the Spark Notes has already got! It’s close to 1000 pages and I’m sure it is far from being complete as much as inviting for reading. The Spark Notes project has never been a book and with so many pages it may never ever be.

Honestly, I don’t care since I’m having so much fun and opportunity to meet people only because I’m with Apache Spark. I’m enjoying what I’m currently doing so much that I’m sure 365-day streak is inevitable (on GitHub), too!

GitHub Stats after 1000th Update

If you’ve got any ideas how to make your reading experience of the Spark Notes more pleasant, let me know. Ping me on twitter or jacek@japila.pl, whatever suits better.

Jacek Laskowski

Written by

Spark and Kafka Consultant, Developer and Trainer (publishing at https://bit.ly/spark-structured-streaming and https://jaceklaskowski.gitbooks.io/apache-kafka)

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