500 Stars in 455 Days — 2016 has been so Spark-tastic!

Jacek Laskowski
Dec 1, 2016 · 3 min read
Mastering Apache Spark 2.0 Stats on GitBook

Just today, Dec 1, 2016 I reached 500 stars for Mastering Apache Spark 2.0 notes at GitBook! 500-star badge unlocked! That’s something I’ve never thought of reaching any time soon. Thanks a lot for your support throughout the days when I was merely scratching the surface of how Apache Spark works under the covers. Yeah, it’s truly about what’s inside and uncovering the real truth (not repeating common beliefs!).

On Dec 11, 2015 I published the blog post 100 Days and Counting — Journey into Apache Spark continues.

I wrote there:

The decision to devote my time for Spark was simply a mixture of personal and professional wishes.

I still believe in the wishes and don’t think I’m going to stop the journey half-way. It’d be so unprofessional. I’m going explore Apache Spark in 2017 to really master the Spark internals and be able to apply Spark to use cases meant for it.

Given today’s Dec 1, 2016 and the entire stripe at GitHub all green and that on Dec 11, 2015 it was the 100th day with Spark, that gives…455 days of my everyday exploration of Apache Spark! Yay! I made it! I’m done for 2016 :)

My Contributions on GitHub on Dec 1, 2016

Next week I’m hosting a 5-day Spark “Tools” Workshop Online for Architects and Administrators. It’s an online yet corporate-only event for ca 40 people. It’s about the latest and greatest Spark 2.0 with Scala, IntelliJ IDEA, sbt, Spark Thrift Server, Spark History Server, and integration with Apache Kafka, relational databases with PostgreSQL as the example, Spark Standalone, Hadoop YARN, Apache Mesos, DC/OS and Spark JobServer. That’s my first time when I’m going outside the Spark realm to reach out to the wider ecosystem of tools and projects to create richer architectures. I’m as much thrilled as scared to get it properly delivered.

Right after the Spark workshop, I’m running another 5-day Spark Workshop for Scala Developers for another 40 people. That should be quite easy as I’ve been doing it few times already in-class and remotely. Looks a no-brainer!

The two workshops alone however give 80 people trained to know and hopefully appreciate the benefits of using Apache Spark. I’m very happy to say now that 2016 was very Spark-tastic!

Contact me at jacek@japila.pl if you need help with Apache Spark or just follow me on twitter to learn more in 144-char-long chunks. Happy Sparking!

Jacek Laskowski

Written by

Spark and Kafka Consultant, Developer and Trainer (publishing at https://bit.ly/spark-structured-streaming and https://jaceklaskowski.gitbooks.io/apache-kafka)

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