After Apache Spark 2.0 Workshop in Ljubljana Slovenia

Thanks a lot Gorazd for organizing this fantastic 2-day Apache Spark 2.0 Workshop called “Leapfrog your competition with Spark 2.0!” in Ljubljana Slovenia (Nov 22-23) as part of BeeScala conference. I had a lot of pleasure to present the features of Spark 2.0 that make the in-memory distributed computation platform so useful and easy to use.

From left to right: Domen, Gregor, Jacek, Arjan, Rok, Oto, Miha

We explored Spark SQL, Structured Streaming, Spark MLlib, Spark Streaming with a bit of other niceties like Spark Standalone and Spark Thrift Server.

I enjoyed conversations about when and why Spark could be a better fit in some use cases and perhaps not so much in others. I did enjoy so much listening to the jokes about how the past experience is often so past and now obsolete. I share your pain (and pleasure), dear participants, but…time to forget about the past and learn the new Spark :-)

Jacek while presenting Spark Architecture

The agenda for the 2 days is available at I strongly encourage you to review the agenda and the accompanying material and send me your comments, suggestions and concerns to make the future sessions more interesting and informative.

Tomorrow, Nov 24th, is a Spark-a-thon the whole day in which Spark enthusiasts (me including!) are going to explore the available Spark features by developing extensions and…possibly answering few questions on StackOverflow, too. Let me know if you have something pressing that you’d like us to work on. Brilliant ideas are welcome!