Apache Spark for Developers Workshop at CERN in Geneva Switzerland

I remember that day very well when Maria from CERN sent me an email asking if I could deliver a Spark course for their developers (mostly data scientists). I could not have been happier because a) it was exactly at the last day of another Apache Spark workshop for a client in France and b) CERN is the client I always wanted to have on my list of customers.

Thanks Maria and Luca for making the dream come true!

The crew

She sent out the email on Feb 3, 2017 and after few other emails and phone calls we came to agreement on the content and the dates — June, 12th — 15th, 2017.

The badge

The final agenda is available at Apache Spark 2 Workshop — 4 days and is a mix of Scala, sbt, IntelliJ IDEA, Spark SQL, Spark Architecture, Spark Streaming, Apache Kafka, Structured Streaming, and Spark MLlib. We had quite a few practical exercises during the workshop with one exercise that took us 5 hours to complete! No, it was not so long or complex, but happened to help us explore different coding styles and optimize queries for better performance.

What made this workshop unusual from organizational point of view was that the final decision on whether the Spark workshop would have happened or not was on a month before June, 16th. That day was the last date when either party could call the workshop off without any money involved.

Water Tower in CERN

I’d like to thank Maria, Luca, Eddie, Pablo, Liviu, Kuba, Anargyros, Vangelis, Enric, Zbyszek and (another) Maria (in the order they sat during the workshop) for having me and being very active during the Spark workshop that hopefully helped everybody in the class understand Apache Spark better and use wisely.

Contact me at jacek@japila.pl if you want to start using Apache Spark in your project and use it in the most efficient way. Follow @jaceklaskowski on twitter to learn more about the latest and greatest of Apache Spark in 144-char-long chunks. #SparkLikePro