Infusion InfoNight in Lublin and Rzeszow on Feb 2nd and 4th

Infusion Poland is hosting Infusion InfoNight in two cities in Poland: Lublin (Feb 2nd) and Rzeszow (Feb 4th). They invited me to speak about my latest personal and software developments with Apache Spark and Scala, and ways to keep motivation high.

I’m not going to bore you with personal psycho-voodoo, but share the reasons why I chose Apache Spark and Scala (and few other open source projects) and how I’m spending my time with the projects.

I do think you will find few tips useful to get well-shaped in IT (and beyond).

If you don’t feel convinced to come (and it’s quite fine since I haven’t really said much yet), let me share few “badges” I’ve managed to unlock recently (hoping they will influence your decision and we will meet in person).

On GitHub

My “badges” at GitHub

On StackOverflow

My “badges” at StackOverflow

On twitter

My “badges” at twitter

On GitBook

My “badges” on GitBook

On Amazon

Now you may be wondering how I did that, do you?

If so, let’s meet at the event to hear the story. No strings attached!