Reach for the stars, huh?! Mastering Apache Spark 2 reached over 1000!

That has finally happened. The Mastering Apache Spark 2 gitbook has reached over 1000 stars that made my long-time wish came true.

Mastering Apache Spark 2 has reached 1026 stars

I could not have thought about a better gift for my 44 yesterday (except Adam Breindel’s tweet where he wished me a happy birthday).

Doh, I’m getting old, isn’t it? That can not really matter if I’m doing the greatest thing in my life!

It all started with this commit on Aug 31, 2015 to reach over 1026 stars after 1,763 commits. That gives almost two years and seems the longest personal project of mine. Inconceivable!

Mastering Apache Spark 2 Repository on GitHub

Remember my first hoorays? 100 Days and Counting — Journey into Apache Spark continues (on Dec 11, 2015) or 1000th Update to Apache Spark Notes (on Jun 24, 2016) or 500 Stars in 455 Days — 2016 has been so Spark-tastic! (on Dec 1, 2016)? Looks like taking the notes about Apache Spark has paid off and if there were just one thing I’ve learnt while doing it it’d be that the sheer persistence will eventually prevail any obstacles if you do what you love. Even when your daughter asks you “Dad, didn’t you get bored doing Spark all the time??? Take some time off”

Despite my daughter having asked the question, my family has helped me a great deal in this undertaking. They have eventually got used to hearing (and accepting!) that I really have to sit on reviewing a piece of Apache Spark’s code and take some notes. That’s correct — Agatka, Iwetka, Patryk, Maksym (and the cats Julian and Ambroży) have all helped a great deal so I can now say I did it.

Mastering Apache Spark 2 Statistics for Last Year

As you can see yourself, the stats speak for themselves — people seem to like what I love doing every day. Taking notes about Apache Spark became my daily routine and can’t think of a day without Apache Spark and the notes!

I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to my personal success and I do hope that you have had as much fun as I did. I’m wholeheartedly convinced to keep on doing the writing. Expect more updates soon.

Be aware though that I’m currently focusing on the brand new streaming module in Apache Spark 2.2 called Spark Structured Streaming. Read and let me know what you think about my latest Spark Structured Streaming gitbook that I’m hoping is going to be the main source of in-depth information about Structured Streaming publicly available. Help me to achieve the goal. Thanks!

Spark Structured Streaming (Spark 2.2+) Statistics for Last 30 days

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