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Slick Clojure Editor Setup with Atom

Clojure has an amazing tooling and support for a couple of editors including — Emacs and Cursive. Still, every time when I open them they feel … heavy. I spend quite a bit of time researching different options and even though I love VSCode I found peace with Atom.

Couple of things to consider when we talk about editing Clojure:

  1. Parentheses — to not worry about inference/coloring of the parens
  2. REPL — to evaluate functions
  3. Linter — to highlight warnings and errors
  4. Formatter — to not worry about code formatting

This guide is based on atom tools guide from website.




parinfer — Shaun LeBron and Chris Oakman

lisp-paredit — Jon Spalding

rainbow-delimiters — Mounier Florian — Atom


proto-repl — Jason Gilman

ink — JunoLab


joker — Roman Bataev

linter-joker-Ryan De La Torre


atom-beautify — Glavin Wiechert

node-cljfmt —Case Nelson

cljfmt — James Reeves


atom-file-icons — Donovan Hiland

atom-hasklig — adilparvez

hasklig — Ian Tuomi

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