In this episode, we learn about the societies as they begin to solidify into city states and have a greater sense of culture. It is an introduction to societies in general but laying a background for the exploration of kingdoms and empires that we will undertake over the next few episodes.

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I did not plan to publish this year but I think this is important.

The Discourse is an idea. A simple, testable idea: the things that separate us are not as strong as the things that bind us.

I would like to test this idea.


So what is The Discourse?

The Discourse is a safe space for meaningful conversations about the things that affect us and that we care about. This non-exhaustive list includes: Relationships, morality and purpose, meaning, love, wealth and health. …

Some parts of Igboland have an interesting way of welcoming people into a new day. We ask, “I boola chi”, which means “Have you broken the dawn”. It is a beautiful phrase which works both literally and metaphorically. To break the dawn (or daybreak) means to break the darkness. According to this fascinating thread, break is used in a rare form here, meaning to burst forth or explode onto the scene. …

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One of the most influential movies over the past two decades is the Lion King. Like most millennials, I have a strong, deeply nostalgic connection to the characters and the story, and it was probably the first animated movie I ever saw. One of the most profound moments in the story arrives when Simba is on the throes of a catharsis. Nala had found Simba relishing his new liberty outside the Pridelands. Her reintroduction and her responsibilities forced Simba to interact with a past he had tried to bury deeply. This past still binds Simba, preventing him from seeing the…

The fracture of Nigerian society is often claimed to be the result of the colonial merge of many different ethnic groups together without a social contract. One might exist within the different tribes of the Republic, for example, the Igbos, Yorubas, Tivs, Urhobos and Hausas, but it is certain that none exists among Nigeria’s diverse tribes. However, far from being an ethnic issue, this lack of a social conversation about the construct of the society affects sex, sexuality, religion and financial status as well. Society’s only purpose is to establish a system that works mutually for all inhabitants within it…

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The whispers of discontent often grow in the face of oppression. In Nigeria, there is a view, which can be said to be widespread, of the failure of the Nigerian state. Everyday, there is news of the oppressive nature of this society: class violence, violence against women, religious violence, ethnic violence and yet all things within a society exist with the permission of that society. No society exists without the continuing consent of the people within that society. It is through this fabric that we mould and form societal norms. Of course, modern Nigerian society is not the originator of…

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To understand the history of any society, we must attempt to determine the origins of that society and the origins of Nigerian history is a combination of many different origins. [many different tribes and cultures] Archaeological evidence puts habitation of what is now known as Nigeria at several thousand years. Like all ancient societies, many of these societies were small clusters and because of this, they were largely decentralized and perhaps egalitarian.

The oldest evidence of human remains in Nigeria is about dated to have existed at about 9000BCE that’s more than 11,000 years before today. These remains were found…

Nigeria is a hilarious country. Not hilarious in the pure form that comedy can exist in, where it is true joy that draws out deep laughter from our soul but in the way that we tend to apply comedy, as a mask or filter for pain. Nigeria is the sort of comedy that needs to be a comedy because otherwise, the pain of the tragedy would be too much to bear.

It is clear to me that our desire to make light work of our situation stems from a deep seated feeling that we are effectively in a state of…

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Who doesn’t love a story of winning against the odds? It is at the cornerstone of our storytelling and is universal across culture. At the center of these stories are heroes who brave the odds; relentless and fearless star gazers. We count Winnie Mandela, Hercules, Achilles, Thomas Sankara, among these names. It is their ability to draw from deep reservoirs of faith that forms the foundation of the true entrepreneurial spirit.

The story is very different in the West African Republic called Nigeria. These are not the people, nor the stories, that drive the Nigerian entrepreneurial spirit. We do…

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Faith is an elusive thing. It allows us to straddle the present while projecting our desires onto the future. Faith is what has allowed humanity to make such enormous progress in a relatively short time. It is faith that allows us to set magnificent, lofty goals, hopeful that even if they are not achieved in our lifetimes, they can be achieved in another.

Through faith, Newton was not only able to visualize the consistency of the cosmos but he also believed that he could describe the universe in mathematical terms. His attempts to do so are the foundations of our…


My thoughts, like me, are imperfect.

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