What to wear on your days off: three outfit ideas for all of your weekend needs.

We spend the majority of our weeks at work trying to “dress the part.” What about for the days off? Finding that balance between casual and stylish can be difficult. But fear not! We’ve got you covered.

1) Brunch o’clock

Brunch o’clock

Sharpen up for saturday morning brunch with a modern take on business casual. Throw on a navy blazer over a henley with a pair of burgundy chinos and dress to impress. Shop this look.

2) Game Day

Game Day

Hit your local sports bar for Sunday Football in a plaid light flannel and nylon puffer vest. Spruce it up with some khaki chinos and Red Wing boots and have a brew on us! Get this look now.

3) The Hangover

The Hangover

The obligatory “what the f^%& did I do last night” get up: sweats, shades, a cup of joe and some serious Netflix and chill time help the pain go away. Checkout this look here.

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