Was It Luck or Hard Work?

My first 17 years of life were what I would consider extremely average. I was an average girl, with average grades and average goals. I remember being envious of people who talked about how “lucky” they were. The kind of lucky I’m referring to isn’t the type where you get $10 on a scratch-off or win concert tickets over the radio. It’s job opportunities, scholarships and a good professional reputation. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school when my “aha” moment happened, the moment I realized all of these lucky people had something in common. These people spent more time doing homework, building their resume, making connections and working harder than all the rest of us average folk.

That year I had my epiphany.I received my best semester of grades, got a job that would actually look good on my resume, and made friends with similar goals and ambition. Thinking it was a fluke, I continued to push through my senior year with the same hard work and drive. Sure enough, my “luck” continued to increase. I got a scholarship and a once in a lifetime internship People would comment on “how lucky” I was. In my head I thought, if only you knew how much time, effort and hard work has gone into this “luck.”

My advice to people who are looking to improve their so-called luck is this: find something you are passionate about and don’t slack on your attempts to achieve your set goals. Apply for the job and apply for the internship. The worst thing that could happen is them saying no. If they say yes, go above and beyond. You will make connections that will last a lifetime and point you to more potential opportunities. Your hard work, dedication and passion will not go unnoticed if you aren’t afraid to put in the work.

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