The Voice in Your Head

How You Can Bring More Peace Into Your Life

Jachym Jerie


Ever noticed the ongoing chatter in your mind? If you just stop for a moment right now and pay attention, you’ll soon hear this voice saying all kinds of things to you.

‘I don’t like this pizza. He has betrayed me. I need to go to the laundry. I want McDonald’s now. She is out of line! I need to reassert my power!’

If you took what the voice was saying and let a person act it out right next to you, you would send them to the mental hospital.

It’s Not You

We have this voice in our head and it just blabs on about what it likes and dislikes, what has happened in the past, and what will happen in the future. It can be relentless. That voice has become so intimately linked to us that we believe we are the voice.

How can you be it if you are the one listening to it?

If you were the voice, you would be able to simply switch it off. Just like you can stop walking. Give it a try. You’ll quickly find that you can’t.

The voice is not you. The voice just pops up in your awareness.

The Worst Confidant

We don’t just listen to it, we take its advice. How often has it gotten you in trouble? How often have you realized that what that voice was saying about people was completely wrong?

Yet, we just keep taking its advice as if it knew what is right for us. If you imagine the voice being another person you’d never take advice from them. They just look like they have completely lost it.

One day the voice tells you to lose weight and go on a diet, the next day it says it wants cake. Very reliable advice right?

Why We Trust It

One of the reasons why almost every human being gets fooled into believing the voice, is because it never gets examined. It is unconscious. We don’t pay attention to our inner lives because we are too busy looking around us.

If you don’t practice reading, your brain won’t be able to form letters into words and words into sentences. You wouldn’t be able to get spellbound by a novel and scared by a thriller.



Jachym Jerie

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