I attended the tutorial on time and this week team eminence had a detailed Stand Up Meeting where we discussed what had happened and where we need to go from here to carry this project out properly. We decided that we need to come up with a better solution for their website that is preferably free and easy for them to use.

During this tutorial we had a look at filling out the ethics form in order for us to produce primary research relating to the project. We decided that we are most likely going to do a questionnaire but are unsure yet as to what type of data we want to collect.

Throughout these big agency tutorials Mark has been referring to me as ‘Team leader’. Although this is unofficial and there isn't a specific team leader in this project. I think I may need to take on this role and organise the team so that we work much more productively for the benefit of Care Links. However, I like to think that I have a Democratic leadership, where the rest of the group are interactive and are involved in the decision-making process. Everyone is given the opportunity to share ideas freely and contribute in discussion.

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