I made it into the tutorial, this time I was slightly late by about 5 minutes. This was because I had a hand-in for another assignment and I wanted to submit it early to get it out of the way but then couldn't find the submission bins in the business school (Nightmare).

However, this week we discussed the assignment in detail and what needed to be included. I found this really helpful and I started to plan out what I was going to include in my PDR during the session whilst most people where focusing on the other assignment. I spoke to Mark personally about the blog to get a clearer picture of what it should be like and he gave me some useful advice. for example being able to “bring in external things from what you have found for Care Links”.

Relating back to the individual feedback he gave me a few weeks ago about using Wix.com, I wanted to know what would be a good platform to use that has a simple template and still looks good (because i’m a perfectionist). I started to realise that Wix was running slow and kept crashing when I tried to upload a post. Mark also said that it isn't the best platform because it isn't really optimised for mobile. In the end I decided to change to Medium.com.

I love the layout of this website and it has so many inspirational blogs from other people that I am yet to read.

My blog before I changed to medium.com

However, because I changed platforms to medium and I just transferred all of my blog posts over, all of the posts seemed to have been ‘posted’ on the same day even though I have been consistent throughout the weeks apart from 1.

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