Why Youtube moving to the for-profit sector

Youtube is slightly moving to the for-profit sector as you noticed. Originally, youtube is a commonly used free video sharing platform for netizens to share videos online at different places globally.

Why are you using youtube? Because of its convenience or the peer influence? In fact, according to some researches, free platforms like youtube are used because of subjectivity and its informative nature. Many netizens love to use youtube, whether you are sharing videos .It is always nice to share, save, like and comment on youtube. Everyone can freely access to youtube to have information get. Recalling in my young ages, I did love to search for videos about the stars, like Justin Bieber (don’t judge me, I was a Belieber. He was really singing nice songs and he is having a good voice til now ) However, there is a new reason emerging — commercial related.

There are some youtubers like Hana Tam and lemon ginger cola, who are shifting to the commercial series. At the beginning, they were just sharing videos with what they love to do, just like singing and having make up tutorial. After their subscribers and viewers surged, some companies find them to have advertisement in their videos promoting their products, where cosmetic products are the most commonly found in the videos. So why does this happen?

The reason of the trend is easily shown — free-of-charge nature of youtube is the main reason. It is attractive for the video producers to upload their videos through the platform, which is easy to do so and fast as well. As more people watch videos through this channel, it is more likely to gain commercial videos here.

Some may argue that this is not a good practice for youtube to have so many commercial videos and they often blame those video producers who have commercial stuff as advertisement in their videos. However, I do think that this is a mutual beneficial trend for both youtube and the viewers. Youtube does need support.

So if you ask me whether I am for or against this, I am the one who think it is a good trend going onwards. Readers-friendly is one of the reasons. What I mean is that the viewers can enjoy watching the videos freely online, and the youtubers (those video producers) would also consistently share videos as well which ensures the production of videos on youtube. What we can see here is the mutual benefits given to both producers and receivers. Personally I love youtubers sponsored by companies. This certainly provides a movitation for the youtubers to produce and upload videos and the netizens can have youtube as free platform to have more information about the products that they love.

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