The simplest, step-by-step instructions on how to get a Keep Network node running on the Ethereum testnet.

You should have heard of Keep Network by now: it’s the undeniable frontrunner in building decentralised finance applications around the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains.

If you’re following Keep, you should have also heard of Playing for Keeps, a monthly contest being run by the Keep Network team.

Playing for Keeps is a chance to learn how to stake KEEP tokens on the Ethereum testnet, and win KEEP tokens by contributing to the community.

Banner by @kather
Banner by @kather
Banner by @Kather

The monthly prizes have been running from 100 KEEP tokens, up to 100,000 KEEP tokens, with hundreds of winners each month. …

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Going it alone can be fun and exciting. But at what cost?

Check the clock — it’s 2am. You’ve got work in the morning. The blue glow from your monitor makes your eyes burn. You’re waiting for a token sale to go live on the other side of the world.

The minute it comes online, thousands of other investors are going to try and send their cryptoassets to the same smart contract — trying to get their piece of this Initial Coin Offering (ICO), just like you.

Chances are, the sale will crash. Your transaction will get rejected. You were lucky to get this far — you heard about the project early enough to jump on the whitelist, and your hours of research shows it’ll probably do okay. …

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There’s a lot of good advice on how to do your crypto tax this year. There’s also some astoundingly bad advice.

Like, send you to prison bad. Put you on a payment plan for the next ten years bad. Change your name, grow a moustache, and move to Bermuda bad.

Friends, whether you think taxation is theft, or an absolute obligation for the good of your fellow man, you don’t want to get things wrong with the Australia Tax Office (ATO).

They can make your life hard. And they have the tools to do it.

Whether you’re an accidental trader who bought a couple of ETH last year and ended up going down the rabbit hole with a thousand trades, or whether you just held them for six months and ended up selling them at the peak (or the trough — our condolences), you have a tax obligation to sort out. …

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Index funds are the bee’s knees for traditional markets, but crypto deserves its own approach.

Back in 2007, Warren Buffett famously made a $1 million bet with a hedge fund: that a simple index fund would outperform them. He won.

It’s a common piece of financial advice — index funds are reliable, easy and provide pretty consistent returns over time. We agree — in traditional markets.

Crypto is not a traditional market. It doesn’t look or behave like a traditional market. Cryptoassets are volatile, the market is rapidly changing, and it never sleeps. That’s why Every Capital is an actively managed fund.

What’s the difference between a managed and index fund?

Just in case this is your first investment rodeo, here’s a quick explanation:

A actively managed fund tries to outperform market benchmarks. …

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This might be more important than the singularity — and it’s happening now.

When a bank gives a loan to someone, it’s like they’re handing them a brick of gold. You might give a brick of gold to a business with plenty of assets looking for a loan, or a person with good credit looking for a mortgage — because there’s a good chance they’ll pay that back.

But there’s a limit to that model — some people will fall short of the requirements, and the bank won’t hand them that brick because it’s too risky.

And, to put it bluntly, the amount of work involved in lending a speck of gold — a small amount of money — isn’t worth it to a big institution, even if they know it will be paid back. …

The country is split between retail and wholesale investors — but there are new opportunities opening up for all of us.

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Do you know the difference between a wholesale and a retail investor? Things are split down the middle in the world of Australian finance, and many people are missing out on opportunities because they either don’t know about them, or can’t access them.

If you’re a wholesale investor — you probably know it! You need a total household income of $250,000 AUD per year, or at least $2.5 million in assets to qualify as a wholesale or ‘sophisticated’ investor. To buy into a wholesale investment fund, you’re looking at a minimum commitment of $50k, or often much higher.

For many would-be investors, the world of wholesale investment is completely out of reach. That means a lot of opportunities are out of reach too. Promising startups and a wide range of investment funds are locked away. …

How cryptoassets and token sales are changing the way we fund innovation

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Firstly: why are startups important?

Startups are the engine room of the economy. They’re lean, mean, flexible and usually working at the cutting edge of technology. A lot of them don’t last long term, but a handful will go on to become giants. There’s a reason so many cities and countries are trying to replicate Silicon Valley’s success.

As an investment, they’re also completely out of reach for most people. You might be lucky to get a shot at them once they’ve listed on the stock market, often after their major growth has already happened. Crypto is changing that.

Venture forth

There are a few ways to fund a startup. …

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This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

We are very pleased to announce that Astronaut Capital will be our investment partner going forward.

Astronaut are as good as it gets in the cryptoasset investment space.

CEO Matt Dibb and his team have a professional background in independent microcap stock and ICO analysis, and raised more than 8500 ETH in their own token sale - $2.3m+ USD at the time.

Very few fund managers have that kind of first hand experience in the market they’re investing in — particularly when that market is cryptoassets.

What are friends for?

Every Capital and Astronaut will be working together to determine the best allocation of our investors’ capital. …

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Giving every Australian access to crypto and quality ICOs

We’re announcing the upcoming launch of Every Capital, Australia’s leading retail crypto investment fund.

As a retail fund, our investments are made up of contributions from everyday individuals, not big institutions.

We’re building Every because we believe there’s a better way for Australians to get involved with cryptocurrency.

Let us tell you about Every:

Every is easy

Getting started with crypto is not straightforward, no matter where you are in the world. There’s a steep learning curve when it comes to understanding wallets, exchanges, mining and blockchain technology itself.

In Australia it’s even more difficult, since there’s only a small handful of gateways into cryptocurrency. Local exchanges trade at a significant premium to international sellers, and most international sellers won’t allow Australians to buy in directly — or charge us a premium too. …


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