Cut down the cost of mobile app development

Mobile apps have become a necessary choice for almost all businesses. When building your business mobile app, you want to ensure its quality using cost effective methods.

These are key considerations that can help you to reduce the cost of developing your mobile apps.

Choose hybrid instead of native

Hybrid mobile apps make the development process much easier and quicker, and hybrid apps cost less than native mobile apps. Because the web technologies (HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS) used for building hybrid apps are not dependent on a specific device, the code can be reused for multiple mobile platforms (Android, iOS, etc.) which help to reduce cost as well as time.

Some good qualities of HTML 5 such as better graphics control, memory management and high performance makes it very useful for developing more scalable and robust smartphone apps. Also, HTML 5 development skills are less specialised and easier to understand when compared to the native app development technologies.

According to the Gartner’s prediction, more than 50% of mobile app will be Hybrid by the end of 2016.

Use open source development frameworks

Use a freely available cross platform mobile app development framework such as Sencha, Appcelerator and PhoneGap. These frameworks enable the use of standard API for a particular mobile platform, which results in less effort and cost.

Outsource the mobile app development project

If you don’t have enough resources to hire an in-house app development team, the best option is to outsource your app project to a smartphone app development company.

Outsourcing also offers a lot of other benefits:

· You can find the right and experienced company according to your choice.

· It offers a broad range of skilled developers and designers.

· In outsourcing, the development cost highly depends on the number of hours. Hence, it also reduces the time.

Go for ready-made solutions

It’s possible that specific features you want in your app are already available. Thus, it is a smart solution to use the already available modules. For example, if you want to integrate a chat feature in your app, you can use the Facebook API. For designing the user interface, you can find a tool of pre-made UI kits available in Photoshop or Sketch format. You can download them from the various design hubs like Behance, Dribbble and create your own design UI just by making some slight changes.

Initially focus on main features only

Initially, try to integrate the main features only, so that the development process can be made simple as well as cost effective. Once, your mobile app gets published and gains popularity in the market, then you can add advanced features.

If you have any other ideas that can help to reduce cost of mobile app development, please share them here.

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