Lori Heffernon and Nic Shilling on 123Employee

Hi my name is Lori Heffernon and I’m Nic Shilling and were business owners and happen for several years. Where here today at 2011 outsource live right here at Westin in LA.

It’s been a fantastic week end and I came here to learn how to delegate more. Lori has been using 123Employee for about a year now and I have been having a hard time letting go however I’m excited to had back in and hit tomorrow Monday and get my listed delegating away.

Awesome! “It’s really excited to learn a lot, there was a lot of great speakers here today. Were really appreciate for all the great information that Beejal gave us, step by step system that we can must take right home and implement.

Thank you to Daven and Beejal. Daven thanks for going through and finding one next step and starting 123Employee and Beejal thanks for sharing your family with us, your story in India and just everything that you have shown us here today. It’s been amazing!

We look forward to ride all the fence with you guys. Have a great afternoon.