You should really find something else to complain about. In the meantime…
kristy sammis

See you actually made an attempt at explaining the position moreso than your counterparts elsewhere in the thread, so thank you. I’m curious regarding the belief that “deciders” have significant influence though. Mediums such as Patreon and the internet as a whole have significantly reduced the stranglehold of “producers” or “labels” in the artistic industry though; when art can literally be crowd funded (see: “Amanda Palmer”) how does anyone’s gender have the ability to gatekeep people’s progression in what I maintain is a meritocratic field? A phrase emblazzed upon every document in my industry is “Historic Performance Does Not Indicate Future Results”; there’s certainly a long history of female oppression or discrimination in a lot of fields, but the idea that “some white guys decide who makes it or doesn’t” doesn’t hold water.

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