Breath of Dust part II

“Don’t do that,” she said earnestly.

“Don’t do what?” I responded.

“Talk about somewhere else, someplace distant. I need to be right here. As you were talking about the Wasatch, I almost passed out. Like crazy vertigo,” her breath quivered.

And she wasn’t lying, I could see a quiet panic in her eyes.

We stood on a small ramp that was set lower than the general viewing area, a walk the plank type of repose where a misstep would be a savage fall. I backed up against the wave of rock behind me at first then took a breath and stepped forward to the edge.

I shut up and we focused again on the expanse below us, an unknown precipice dropped hundreds of feet to one of the many levels of the deep chasm.

My mind always does that, races around the moment right in front of my eyes. I let that breath that pulled me forward focus on the sunset and the canyons. The layers that stretched out before us was like a sea of creation and erosion, a landscape in a constant fight with life and death. Light and dark. Like a phoenix it grew resilient and red and then burned, only to become living again. We stood and witnessed this unfold.

We watched a bird fly below us. How often had I seen a bird below me? Perspective soared and dipped with it out into the distant gullies and I wondered how deep it would fly. What would I do if was down there on the desert floor, would I work my way into the belly of the thing? Could I get down there, all the way down there? What ancient relics or realities would I stumble upon, what stories? Where did the ancients perch, what did they see? Where had old Jack crashed in his Piper Cub?

My mind had floated away, I was doing to myself what she asked me not to. I took another deep breath and and brought myself back. We didn’t really chat. Instead we noticed things, mostly colors. White, red, brown, tan, beige, black. And all set against the slowly darkening blue. Shades of blue, contrasted the red. Primal glow.


Layers of rock, dust, stone


Crusty crypto canyons

Layers of stories

Experiences and perspectives

The layers speak, they sandwich history

Geology; shale, wing gate, entrada


The fossils and minerals caked on one another over hundreds of millions of years. Land moves, warps and erodes. Slowly the biology changes with the geology and we are left standing on the overlook of a forgotten millennia.