Following the previous article, I would like to continue more about dynamic programming with one more example.

Dynamic programming is the optimal way of addressing the given problem by diving it into simple transitional problem. It gives the solution to the problem otherwise often times is considered as impossible to get the answer time complexity wise. Let’s get into the example right away.

There is a string input that consists of the english alphabet letters and one special character, <. This will results into a normal string that only has alphabet letters by interpreting < as an operation to delete the previous character just before it. For example, if AABB<<CDE<<D is a given string, then it would become AACD. Given the condition, what’s the minimum of number of letters to delete to make the result string into a certain string. …

When we have to take the coding interview to get a job, whether you just graduate or you have many years of experience, you will need to prepare for it. For those who is looking for the first job, you would not have much idea what they’re going to ask. Even for those who have much experience, brushing up on it would be necessary to prepare as coding questions often times include lots of the thing that you don’t do at work daily basis.

I would like to categorize those and give the overview of it so that it can be used as starting point to get into detail as you prepare. …

I am one of those people trying to invest the money in a right way to have the successful retirement. I have been doing DIY stock investment instead of putting money to someone else’s hand. But I hadn’t got much success with the normal stock trading. I got into option trading and found that it’s safer and profitable unlike I thought initially. I would like to share my experience.

Let’s start with talking about what are the options.

Call option

When you join the company out of your college and start the career, you may have got something called the stock option. This is the call option technically. Company gives out the option to the employees to encourage them to work hard so that the stock price goes up. When the stock price goes above the option price, the owner of that contract gets the stock purchased at the original target price on the expiration date. If you sell right away, the price difference with the current one is your profit. …


Jae H. Yoo

Software Engineer

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