Navigating Thru the Weekender

One of the other Christian organization that I am a part of is the Navigators or the Navs for short. They are a wonderful Christian group on campus that has grown very close to my heart. I actually found this group on accident when I was trying to find Cru and I really didn’t have any intention on joining the Navs. But the Navigators are consistent and they make a strong effort to get individuals involved with their group which caught my interest. The Navigators is actually the second largest Christian group on campus. The main aspect of ministry that they focus on is discipleship.

Speaking of Discipleship, the Navigators does an excellent job in this category. The Navs have a little Bible study groups called “D Groups” that are in each residence hall. In all the D groups we have a set curriculum each year that focuses on a set part of the Bible that will help make us disciples or at least better disciples. This year, each D group is looking into Acts in the New Testament. I can personally say that this has really help me discover more of God’s words and how he wants me to live my life. I find these D groups actually really helpful because it actually helps me to grow in my faith. Each week we read a chapter of Acts which is very thought provoking. The first few weeks we have been talking about the Holy Spirit, the Pentecost, and Miracles. Through these we have seen the Lord’s work and how he want us to spread his word and make disciples. Overall, these D groups has really benefited me.

Each week the Navigators also has weekly meetings just like Cru. But their meetings are on Thursdays nights. They call this event “Nav Night.” Each Nav Night the Navigators come together for an awesome message, praise and worship, reflection, and fellowship. Towards the end of the message, we talk about what we took from the message and what we can do differently in our lives and how we can apply the message to it. This is really helpful because they encourage you to act and to help you grow in your faith. We fellowship after Nav Night with food, snacks, and drinks. During this time, we are able to meet other Navigators, talk about the message, and usually the plan for the weekend.

Speaking about the weekend, the Navigators are throwing a retreat this weekend just like Cru did last week that I am attending which is called “The Weekender.” At the Weekender, there will be an amazing guest speaker, praise & worship, games, activities, and we can’t forget about the fellowship. This is a weekend where we can meet other Navigators from other campuses and to grow in our faith with others as well. Everyone that I heard went, loved it and I’m looking forward to it.

Overall Navigators and Cru are two important groups that I would like to include in my projects. I would like to incorporate them by exploring each aspects of the groups and how it impacted me with their teaching and how it shaped my values as an individual.

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