Having a Blog Doesn’t Make You a Writer
Ezinne Ukoha

After a 36 year career as a psychotherapist, I am reluctant to offer advice on living to people I do not know. I have too much respect for the complexity and individuality of human beings.

Some adults appear to be comfortable dispensing “wisdom” they discovered through social media or workshops by gurus. I understand the attraction. It is empowering to learn new things. It feels good to “help” others in need.

The show off with a 30 round magazine in his AR15 at the local rifle range is most likely the one who never used the weapon in combat. And so it is with some “life coaches”. When you have lost clients to suicide or overdoses, your respect for the limits of helping others gains needed perspective. You begin to develop humility.

Thanks for your excellent post, Ezinne. I look forward to many more.