[This post was originally published on my self-hosted blog on June 14, 2016 at 3:57 pm. Migrated to Medium on Jan 6, 2020.]

I’ve been getting into writing (essays, journals, random thoughts) for a while now, but haven’t really published anything publicly. I’ve found that writing is a great way to record memories/emotions/thoughts/goals/etc in a way that pictures or even videos can’t.

Anyways, I wanted to start an actual public-facing blog to dump some of my thoughts and musings onto. To start it off, I’ll just migrate some of my previous essays from my personal Evernote as individual posts.

It was partly inspired by recent events when I stumbled upon other people’s blogs and realized I could learn so much about that stranger through their writing. …

I love gifs. I used to work at a gif company. I make gifs. Gifs are great.

Here’s a running list of my favorite gifs of all time, because why not.

u can doo it doggo
oh, kiko
damn millennials

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Ember Labs is my personal laboratory dedicated to building new businesses

I love making things. I’ve been doing it my whole life and I find genuinely indescribable joy in creating new things. Websites, apps, robots, products, businesses, writing, art, film — I’ve made a little bit of everything and constantly strive to explore more.

Being a maker myself, I’ve always appreciated things we use every day that were once someone else’s creation. It’s a strange feeling to describe, but I just feel so content and delighted when I see or use a well designed/engineered product (like my MacBook Pro, the Airbnb iOS app, even my Tuft & Needle mattress).

More than anything though, what really excites me are creations that subtly cloak great technology with effective design. Technology and engineering are what propel humanity forward, yet no matter how advanced, they’re useless until effective design renders these things practical for everyday people. …


Jack Kim

I create consumer products and art. http://jackk.im

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