Importance Of Printed Marquee Tents

Many events take place every year and that too in every part of the world. Events and expos use tents and marquees so that the event participants can use them to showcase their services. The main reason companies and organizations take part in expos and events are to get noticed. They want people to recognize the product or service on offer. To get noticed they need to have a marquee tent that is attractive and is able to attract the viewer.

Printed marquee tents are the order of the day and there are many companies that help in printing these marquee tents. The message, the logo, the design, the slogan etc., should all be attractive so that the people who visit the event or exhibition walk in to your stall. Hence, the tent or marquee for your event is very important and there are many different types from which you can choose:

Mini Stall Tent:

The usual size when it comes to a mini stall tent is 1.5x1.5. You should opt for a hexagonal frame as it is more sturdy and you can get a good polyester canopy. You can have your brand emblazoned on the canopy as well as on the panels. These mini tents are great for promoting vending machines.

Stall Tent:

Similar to the mini stall tent but bigger in size, it is usually 2.4x2.4. These larger ones are great for explaining your product or service. The bigger size means you can get good printing done which is very attractive.

Marquee Tent Gazebo:

This is one of the most popular tents. The usual size is 3.0x3.0. The best part about this is you can get the canopy printed only or even better you can get the canopy as well as the rear wall printed or you can get the canopy, real wall and sides printed or you can get the canopy, rear wall, sides and half front printed or you can have two sides printed or rear wall printed on both sides. You have too many options and you can choose any of them. If you want your brand to be in the face then get your brand printed everywhere, if you want a sombre look then get it printed only on the canopy and rear wall, it all depends on the product and service on offer as well as the marketing strategy that you choose.

6 Sided Marquee Tent:

A hexagon shaped tent in itself is very attractive and when it has the images and branding of your company it naturally will be one of the main attractions at an event. Many corporates and leading brand builders usually opt for a 6 sided marquee tent. This is because these types of tents are not placed one after the other but are placed at the centre of the exhibition. For example all square tents are placed next to each other and the 6 sided one is in the middle. So you become the centre of attraction immediately.

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