The Sidekick’s Determination

A hero is never alone.

The hero is a perfect character. Flawless. One dimensional. Unable to take risks that could take out even one of their perfect teeth. Seriously, watch any movie, they’ll lose a limb but never a tooth, and that’s only if the technology to flawlessly replace said limb is available.

The sidekick though…now THAT guy, I admire.

The hero is usually shanghaied into the main plot reluctantly. They’re The One person who can use the artifact, fire the arrow, fulfill the prophecy, mac the guffin.

I’m talking about all those Frodo Bagginses, Harry Potters, and Luke Skywalkers out there (And fuck it, Katniss to while we’re at it).

Let me be the other guy. The guy who wasn’t picked to be the One. The kid who is smart enough to make a decision to follow the hero into the depths of hell and back, cause it’s the right thing to do.

The hero has situations thrust upon them, and yeah, by god do they rise to the occasion and above it. But whoever joins them in their quest does so entirely out of conviction.

Decision. Choice. “This is what I want to do because I love you, man.”

The hero does what he must in the face of great obstacles.

Their friends do what they want.

I wish I had this sort of determination. The sidekick’s determination. The sort of drive where even after you realize you don’t need to be right in the middle of it, you want to.

And hell…I want to be right in the middle of it. I just need to find me a hero.

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