Thursdays Always Throw me Off

Thursdays are always a bit weird.

“This must be Thursday,’ said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer. ‘I never could get the hang of Thursdays.” — Douglas Adams

I sat down at my desk today to try and go through my usual morning routine to get ready for a fully productive day and that’s when it hit me. I sort of froze, to be honest. Thursdays are a little bit weird.

I usually drop my bag off, say hello to all my co-workers (A very French thing, I’ve learned) and got myself that double double cup of espresso, cause Lorelai Gilmore is still my spirit animal.

After these social and physiological necessities are covered, my day usually goes something like this :

  • Circle back to my project manager’s desk and have a quick stand up meeting with him.
  • Head back to my desk, set up my Instagram stories feed to run as background noise while I set up tasks.
  • Prioritize today’s tasks

Once that’s done, the daily setup ritual can begin.

  • Fire up Spotify. Select working music.
  • Read today’s headlines on the BBC and probably one or two news stories (Medium stories have already been covered in the metro ride here).
  • Catch up on webcomics.
  • Message the wife.

But Thursdays…Thursdays are always a little weird.

  • Spotify’s weekly music playlist has been covered. The best pieces moved to the “Staging” playlist where I can further distill the really good new finds.
  • The “Staging” playlist has been distilled.
  • People are gearing up for the weekend. News are usually slow. Mostly follow ups from whatever big story broke on Tuesday.
  • I read 3 webcomics. Erfworld, xkcd, and Three Panel Soul. None of them update on Thursdays.
  • The wife had to bathe the dog this morning cause he is a dumb, happy, poop machine.

So it takes me a while to come to terms that on Thursdays, I need to start getting stuff done without my usual anesthetics.

Ok back to work. Happy Thursday.

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