Jackalyn Rainosek — Tips for Being a Successful Leader Professionally

Jackalyn Rainosek
Nov 28, 2016 · 1 min read

Jackalyn Rainosek is the current co-owner of the DTP Leadership Group, LLC, and she works hard to educate individuals, teams, and organizations in regards to their leadership skills. She is Certified Master of the Leadership Challenge, and she also has a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Texas A&M University.

She understands how to be a leader in the professional world, and she can provide tips for other people in leadership positions as well.

In order to be a successful leader, manager, or boss in the professional world, you need to lead with compassion…….. read more

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Jackalyn Rainosek

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Jackalyn Rainosek is an accomplished business visionary with more than 42 years’ involvement in business. https://jackalynrainosek.wordpress.com