Malware Virus Dangerous in WhatsApp — WhatsApp is one of the best chat apps and has the most users in the world today. How to use the easy and not complicated make it more popular and favoured by various circles of smartphone users.

However, the popularity of WhatsApp also invites hackers to spread malicious viruses or malware through this application.

Want to know what viruses or malware can be deployed through WhatsApp short message app? Here are five of them.

Malicious Malware Virus Spread Through Whatsapp

1. WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp icon that we all know is green, but have you ever seen the golden WhatsApp icon?

If you do not know, WhatsApp Gold has a dangerous virus in it. WhatsApp Gold invites users and says that this app is only used by celebrities and has some features that can not be found in the regular WhatsApp.

But you have to be careful with that invitation. Because when a user is stuck and access the link provided, then that’s when the smartphone will be exposed to malware that can even steal personal data users. Take a look on Blogger Profile.

2. WhatsApp Video Calling

Not only through messages, WhatsApp Video Calling feature can be used by hackers to spread malware that can steal data and contact users.

With this feature, hackers are spreading fake messages that invite them to try out the new WhatsApp service along with attaching download links to those features.

The feature will actually bring up a page like an online survey that asks users to fill in their personal data. This is where the theft of personal data users begin.

These data can be exploited and even abused by hackers to take keuntngnan from smartphone owners.

3. New Color for WhatsApp

This one malware is usually distributed to the users of WhatsApp and offers a new color feature. To enable the feature, users are required to resend the received message to 10 contacts or 5 WhatsApp groups.

Of course this is only the mode of the hackers to perform the action. Because after that, the smartphone will automatically installed various applications along with fake notifications that the smartphone is in danger.

After that, the smartphone users will be filled with various ads that will benefit hackers.

4. Organization Message

Have you ever received a chain message in WhatsApp accompanied by an invitation to open a particular link? If this happens, then you should ignore it or even delete it.

Links that can be spread salsa is a malware that can steal user information data stored in the smartphone.

In general, this malware has forms like Microsoft Excel format, Microsoft Word, or PDF.

5. Skygofree

Skygofree is a malicious malware that if it has entered into the smartphone, it will be able to hack and peek at WhatsApp messages and take photos using a smartphone camera unnoticed by its users.

In addition, this malware is also able to track audio recordings and track location, and look into the user’s browser history, so it could just break the password or other important things. Skygofree is certainly very dangerous, especially for users who access internet banking through the browser. StudioPress where themes can be downloaded easily.

Well, that’s a dangerous malware virus that can be propagated through WhatsApp short message app. For that, we must be more careful again to not arbitrarily open the dangerous link spread WhatsApp or other chat-palatal application.