Show Notes — Friday 19th February

🇺🇸 US Election 🇺🇸

Justice Scalia dead
Trump on Cruz’s religion
Pope on Trump’s religion
FiveThirtyEight predictions
Jeb’s gun:

Replies to Jeb!

📰 “News” 📰

Who’s pro-Brexit?
Vainest countries in the world
Apple on encryption

📖 Lexicography Corner & WOTW 📖

🏆 Word of the Week 🏆: Adumbrate
verb, formal: to represent in outline

🚀 Space Corner 🚀

Virgin Galactic relaunch
Space flowers
North Korean satellite

🎶 This Week’s Music 🎶

Eurovision Song Contest:
- Waterloo — Abba
- Satellite — Lena
- Euphoria — Loreen
- Making Your Mind Up — Bucks Fizz

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