Difference between Web Design and Web Development

The person who is familiar with the internet knows the term “website” very well. A website is an output of the combination of web design and web development. Though, web design and web development go hand in hand, they are dissimilar from each other in various aspects. Where web design is everything about look and feel, web development is about the functionality of any website. Therefore, they both play a significant role in bringing success to any website. Apart from the feel and appearance of the website, things that come under web designing includes graphic, layout, content and most importantly user experience. The back-end of a website is web development. Web designers use various designing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, while web developers use different programming languages such as HTML, Java, PHP etc. A website is incomplete without anyone of them. In simple words, web design is what visitor see on the website, while web development is what activities he perform on the website.

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