Hint: It’s not just making sure we have unbiased data. Let’s walk through the first, second, and third wave of ethical AI.

In the iridescent flame that is 2020, you log online and see everything that is fueling the fire. Among those things is the controversy surrounding bias algorithms.

Throughout this year, you have been bombarded with information from all angles about topics of morality and how to make decisions based on the greater good. If you looked closely this topic of “ethical AI” might have popped up on your news feeds.

Unpacking the Term “Ethical AI”

It’s kind of like an angel-and-demon concept. If angels do exist, then surely demons have to exist.

The same goes for AI. If bias algorithms exist as the darkest side…

What does it take to survive tear gas, brutal cops, Covid, and the never-ending loss of serotonin?

If this is the end of the world, I’m not looking so good. I want to look better. I want to know how to dress for the end of the world. If this is the end, how do I outlive other humans, run faster from cops, battle tear gas, survive a pandemic, and look damn near bionic?

That’s the way things are going nowadays. We are truly becoming bionic — and tech fashion is allowing us to be ready for the end of the world from detecting Covid to mood-changing eyewear.

Here’s how to outfit the parts of your body…

I should be a better group text troll than my grandfather. I’ve had 26 years to prepare for a moment like this.

In Seattle, after more than a week of protesting police brutality, we took over Capitol Hill’s police precinct and renamed the 6-blocks Capitol Hill’s Autonomous Zone—CHAZ for short. The zone has been renamed to “CHOP” since then.

After months of isolation, I belonged somewhere. We were chanting things. We were marching places. We were high-fiving strangers. I had been attending protests for a few days before my grandfather (Pops) hit me with a “Don’t go downtown text.” He…

Working for an AI tool, a faulty algorithm is usually the same old story: Human error.

The user is walked through the possible problems with their data prediction.

  1. They don’t have enough clean data
  2. They have duplicate data, causing the outcome to be inaccurate
  3. They’re reading their prediction reports incorrectly

While I’m not saying technology is perfect every time, it is almost entirely the human’s fault.

This is why facial recognition is so scary. The lack of accountability in law enforcement is increasingly obvious, but the bias begins with the data.

The Bias Starts With the Data

There are some big things to tackle such as…

We are in a moment. With coronavirus exposing a lot of things about us — whether we were entirely ready to be exposed or not — this is a moment for tech and digital culture.

It’s as if everything we were working on before met us at this inflection point. Systems are in place to perform proper contact tracing, data collection isn’t a tumultuous process anymore, most users are giving their apps permission to log their data, and smartphoners are flipping their bluetooth on willy nilly to make connections with others and devices.

But alas, it’s not tech’s moment. Tech…

Before COVID-19, I worked comfortably as a remote employee of a machine learning company out of Berkeley. I live in Seattle and have been working remotely on and off for about 2 years. As my roommates one-by-one announced they are going to begin working from home, I congratulated them. They entered a world where they could grab their laptops from their bed and begin working right at 9am or perform video meetings with the camera off, allowing them to look however they want. It’s terrific — at least for someone like me who loves working remotely.

Now a month into…

Originally published on Obviously AI.

No one wants bias in their organization. Underrepresentation has plagued the business world for years and many fear bias is making its way into the artificial intelligence industry. While AI and machine learning are very technical, scientific subjects, they can succumb to human error. Collecting data — while immensely important — is an evolving practice and room for bias is still very much a part of the data prediction process.

Areas in Machine Learning Vulnerable to Bias

Training Prediction Models

Input and output. Both are areas that need governance, but when building a model you should clearly be able to explain what…

I woke up A text from my mom wakes me up. The bright screen in contrast with my dark room made me rub my eyes and squint at the message.

“Left or right?” I was given the option of two different hiking boots. I chose the left. Another text comes in. “When do you fly out again?”

Photo by Jeff Johnson

I talk about Jeff Johnson a lot. He’s a pop star in my head’s limelight. He’s a world-class photographer, brand ambassador, and creative director for huge brands. He’s worked with Patagonia, Leica, Knob Creek, and Quicksilver, among other dream companies. On top of that, he created one of my favorite movies: 180 Degrees South. It’s a film about adventure, saving the planet, and just about everything cool. In the film, Johnson shot mistakes and victories while traveling to Chile to ascend Mount Corcovado’s crooked peak. …

Japanese people are shy but very warm-hearted. This is the first thing I learned when I landed in Tokyo.

Japanese values are very evident compared to the U.S. I quickly took out my camera to document them. From my perspective, the Japanese prioritize their community, solidarity, family, and love. I saw young couples walking very close, hand-in-hand and often carrying babies with them.

Here are my photos, documenting what I mean.

I rode the bus around Kyoto and thanks to the giant windows, I was able to take some great pictures. Here is one where a whole family is concerned with the youngest member.

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