UXD Workshop Siemens Bangalore— Conducted by Jack Anto

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#57 Blog Thursday

This is a continuation blog, if you haven’t read Part #1, please do read and get the context.

In general, I would require 4 to 5 hours to explain the context and give brief on the understanding of UXD. 75% Hands-on workshop and rest is theory.

Once the participant got settled. Quick theory about UXD. Some of the topic covered will go on.

  • What isn’t UXD
  • What is UXD
  • Explaining UX Honeycomb
  • Why should you care about UXD?
  • UXD’s multiple activities.
  • All these theoretical topic will take 45–60 mins
  • Then the Hands-on activity.

The hands-on activity has two segments into it.

  1. Hands-on #1 — Identifying the real problem
  2. Hands-on #2 — Tech solution to it.
UXD Workshop Siemens Bangalore — Conducted by Jack Anto

Identifying the problem — Physical Product

I took an exercise of improving the usability of the Television Remote. For both the hands-on activity, the Remote was made into a case study. Started with 4 scenarios with 4 different user who uses the Remote.

  • Scenario #1: Improve the usability of Kids (7–12 age)
  • Scenario #2: Frustrated mother, always seeing the kid is watching Television.
  • Scenario #3: Busy father wanted to watch Television. But the Remote is missing.
  • Scenario #4: Grandparent getting lost by too many channels. They want to select few.
UXD Workshop Siemens Bangalore — Conducted by Jack Anto

Participants have the same color sketch will belong remain in one team. Which we did the ordering in the Balloon activity. If you miss how the team got segregated, please read Part #1 Blog. There will be 5 team working scenarios. Inside each group, there will be sub-team who will work on the individual scenarios. Example of 40 participants. Hence 8 member in one team. 4 pairs inside the team. Each pair will work one scenario, so in the end, the entire team will the 4 scenarios equally.

The first step, they need to identify the problem caused by the scenario. And write down the issues. 10 minutes to chart down all of the issues. Next 10 mins to list out solutions. Top of the mind solutions. Most important, the pairs should interact with the other couples. The pair (Sub-teams) has to work individually and list out the points.

Picking the familiar — Scenario Team

UXD Workshop Siemens Bangalore — Conducted by Jack Anto

Post 20 minutes of all the find- outs. In all 5 teams, they have one pair working on the specific scenario. Club all the single pair and make them one team. So 5 pairs will work on one scenario. 10 participants will be working on one scenario. Make the new team and ask them to interact and share their findings. Collect the common and order them up. Ask one representative from scenario team and do the presentation.

During the presentation, everyone with different scenario has to listen and get the pointers. Likewise, do it for all the scenario team. With all the point presented the insights will be deep. Make sure everyone listen to the presenter.

The reason why a physical Problem

UXD Workshop Siemens Bangalore — Conducted by Jack Anto

UX is not only giving solution to UI based problem. UX is majorly used in Physical problem, many ignore to know it. That is the reason I gave the participants the real Television Remote, Identify the physical problem and solution it. Now that the participants would have at least 90 minutes of exposure on the Remote and its natural behavior. This will help them to ease on Activity #2.

Hands-on #1 Conclusion

UXD Workshop Siemens Bangalore — Conducted by Jack Anto

By now, everyone who had solved the physical problem on how to use the remote with all the scenario. And give a physical solution to the problem faced by the user in the scenario.

Stopping here, the rest of the stories will be shared in Part #3. I’m a fan of the reading blog in 3 to 4 mins. Too much of reading will be hard to digest, and I have a lot more to share in the last part. Cheers!

UXD at Siemens

25+ professional at Bangalore. The workshop was more like knowing the unknowing and clarifying all the UX doubts and giving a brief clarity on Fundamentals of UXD. It was a 5 hours workshop, with a reliable output to hold. Thank you, Uday Siemens & Chenthuran, who made it happen.

UXD Workshop Siemens Bangalore — Conducted by Jack Anto

#57 Blog Thursday posted, and you have finished reading it, and my chewing continues. Fingers crossed to see my last #1000 Blog Thursday post.
Please share your appreciation as comments/claps. Keep stocking & Cheers.



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