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We always trust that the future is near for any tech, likewise, for design, the new trends in designs are the tech. Every year the trend change, most of us try to adopt the trends and reflect in our designs. Early 2018 there was a couple of trends in design, one of the most promising trends is the Responsive Logos.

Reader Caution: Insights about Responsive Logo.

Any designer who works with UI knows the meaning of Responsive and Responsive design. Like today, 6 years back responsive web design was trending. Now the same Responsive has emerged again in specific to graphic design.

Logo Designing or brand documentation design is a unique set of skill for all the Graphic Designer. All these years once the logo is finalized, the selected logo will be moved to branding and documentation. Now the trend is adapting Responsive logo in the existing brand. Most of all the leading brands have started changing to Responsive Logo.

What is Responsive Logo?

Same like responsive design in the web. The logo is scalable and has to adapt to any environment, both in digital and print domains. BTW there is a distinct difference between Responsive Icons and Responsive Logos. Don’t get confused by the icons and Logo. The resolution based icon which we generally create with products design. Most of such resizing of icons. Starting from 1024x1024 to 16x16. The logo is more than the icon comprising of symbol and typography. So, for a responsive logo you need edit, change the size and give brand clarity.

More clarity checkout the Responsive Logo of COCA-COLA. Four different logos for the same brand. Purely responsive and self-explanatory. The easter egg on the small size logo is named as COKE. Because the word Coke is widely and commonly used by teens.

The responsive logo is generally comprising of max four sizes. Maxi, Mid Max, Regular and Small. All these sizes are used based on the need, location, and domain. The responsive logo is all about subtracting of design and element.

Responsive design is not just resizing shape or element.

Points to remember while doing responsive Logo

  • Subtract design, While you scale down the size.
  • Don’t shrink or stretch for scaling the design.
  • Not more than four responsive size for one logo.
  • Tricky is while doing the smallest size, make sure the smallest size is visible and accessible to read.
  • Keep one element has a primary component in all the responsive design.
  • Make it simple.

Never late than ever, never miss the responsive logo in your future and existing branding documentation.

More such logos reference in the below link.

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