At some point I’m gonna stop counting the days. We are now 16 days into the beard challenge. As of this very moment I am still yet to start a coffee at any time outside of 12 and 4. I am drinking about a third of the amount. I also am starting to reduce my smartphone usage. From this I have made time that I’ve spent socialising, learning, reading and just getting more done.

So how is it going? Firstly this beard thing is absurdly effective. I’m sure its got absolutely nothing to do with the fact I value my facial hair, and much more to do with how shameful the act of shaving it all off would be. It would literally be awful. When Floyd Mayweather said

‘if we each get on a treadmill and start running; I will either die or you’ll get off first’

I thought he was pretty much insane. But I would do pretty much anything right now just to avoid the shame of failing and shaving the beard off.

So I’m just going to update you all on the current progress. Starting with coffee and then discussing my phone.

Coffee is something I’ve struggled with for a while. At the peak of the issue I was drinking 8 a day. This was during A level revision. At that point I had chronic headaches and a complete dependency. This year it tailed down to around 3 a day. I still could not work without being stimulated in some way. People rarely saw me in public when I wasn’t caffeinated in some way.

Having substantially toned down I now have been working for 3 hours today with a light headache and a craving for coffee. These headaches and cravings are however slowly fading over time. I can still focus, I can still get things done and it is with a sense of clarity that you just don’t get when caffeinated. Caffeine makes you go very in your head, hyper-logical. Whereas sobriety allows you to take your time and be far more measured. I expect that the headaches will continue to decrease and the sense of clarity will increase. I also feel that as I become less dependant on a certain artificial energy level for work, I will be able to work throughout the day as a pose to just in the morning.

Smartphone addiction it turns out is a real problem. Quality time is just an amazing app though. Its one of those apps that pretty much exclusively exists to make people time to spend with their loved ones or on things that are important.

It turns out I spend a very large amount of time on my phone. I’m not at uni at the moment so my countryside life is fairly empty. I just seem to unconsciously fill all the dead hours with phone usage. Whenever I have a productive day, and I’m sure you feel the same, it seems like I have 3 or 4 extra hours. I’d imagine that this time on other days is mostly filled by checking your phone.

I’m really happy with the keystone habit I have chosen to tackle this. Removing any social media access (using the QT app), in the first hour of my day means I start every day programming my brain not to use my phone. By the time access is granted I have already started the day, I’m already busy. This means you use less throughout the day.

So it’s going well so far. I’ll be back with another update monday