I feel so alive

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In the words of one of my favourite Chase and Status songs, I feel so alive. Whereas before I’d crash at around 4pm, yesterday I had enough energy left at 8.30pm to go on an 11k run. It was gorgeous. The sun was setting. There were enough clouds for the sky to be stunning, but no more. It was just amazing.

I am confident that I would not have experienced these moments without removing coffee.

I’m in control. Although not drinking coffee is quite an easy habit to take control of, the sense of empowerment you experience throughout every aspect of your day is very real. Even when running last night, I just had more self confidence. By taking control of even just one simple habit, you are hard-wiring into your psyche that you are the one in control.

This is called the Keystone habit effect. When you take complete control of one thing and do it every day, that effect ripples across your life. Just by taking control of my coffee habit I have observed changes in my exercise, diet, friendliness, drive, work ethic. These aren’t chemically linked to the caffeine, but they are linked to the overall life attitude and degree of control that I have.

Entirely candid. Definitely not a selfie.

The flipside to this is the struggle that I’m experiencing every morning. It seems to be everywhere. Every newsfeed seems jam packed with stories about coffee. I guess my reticular activation system is just tuned into coffee at the moment. I feel like the little cup of brown joy is chasing me everywhere! This if anything though, is a huge positive. Every time I catch myself craving coffee I can correct my brain. I’m celebrating the catch as a pose to what I’d imagine most people do which is punish themselves internally for not being exactly how they wish to be.

I am enjoying the process of removing coffee dependency from my life, not wishing to be any further along the path than I am. I know I will be there soon enough.

Possibly the best part of removing coffee from my morning routine has been my enjoyment of the drink itself. Good coffee is magical, its so so yummy. When it was discovered by fairly tribal communities it was worshiped as an almost godly substance. Instead of wolfing it down to get the caffeine hit I need, I can now just enjoy coffee as coffee. I sat outside yesterday in the sun with my mum and just chatted life whilst slowly sipping on a cup of Taylor’s Rich Italian. This is why I started drinking coffee and this is how I want coffee in my life.

Rich and Italian

As i’m slowly proving to myself, we can make a habit out of that. We can make a habit out of anything.

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This is day 5 of my habit change project. I’m adding a new habit every twenty days and of my daily posts the Monday and Friday posts are updates. If i fail on any day I have to shave off the beard.