Swole and Flexy

Its day 20 of the beard habit project. If you’re new to this series, welcome! I am introducing a new habit every 10 days. If I fail at any of these habits, I shave off my Beard. Which is now at quite a sexy length, if I do say so myself.

Thus far I have curtailed my coffee intake down to one a day between the hours of 12 and 4, I have removed my access to social media in the first hour of being awake and have seen my phone usage decrease overall with this change.

The new habit I have introduced without the beard framework. I discovered a website whilst watching a fitness video on YouTube called RONWOD. A bizarre name I know. Anyway this website is for guided stretching. Every day you boot up the website and basically do what the guy tells you to. There are two people in the video that do the stretches too.

Now most stretching apps are very woowoo, very yoga, very zen. This app isn’t. Its designed by athletes for athletes. After a long gym session or training of some kind, boot up RONWOD and flex. Now at the moment I am on holiday so have just added stretching to my morning routine. The workouts take about 20 minutes on average and consist of about 5 poses each held for 2–4 minutes with ‘rebound’ time between. They are absolutely brutal and so effective.

One of the stretches was a one leg hamstring stretch. Your right leg out straight, your left foot tucked against the side of your right knee. Then you lean down toward your right foot.

This was a 4 minute pose. When I started I was in about the same position as the chap above. By two minutes in my nose was almost at my knee. By the third minute I had a snozzle full of leg hair. By the end of the stretch my nose was almost touching the carpet. It turns out when you stretch, you become more flexible.

It is early days, I think I am four days in now. But for all of the sports I do (Tae Kwon Do and Rowing), flexibility is an absolute must. I have told myself for months on end that I will stretch more often, make myself more flexible etc etc. I am now however taking control. The app has a small subscription cost of around £10 a month, but at around 20p a stretching session it is more than worth it in my opinion. I don’t mind paying a small amount so that I finally do get myself to do some substantial stretching every day.

Anyway, this isn’t an advert it is just my experience thus far with what seems to be a great product. If I don’t stretch for a day the Beard comes off and if I do stretch every day I will be able to work harder in the gym, train harder in rowing, get injured less, kick higher etc etc.

I hope this post has benefited you in some way, give it a heart if it has so more people can read it. ❤


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