Time Multiplication

So I’m pretty obsessed with habits. All we really are is what we practise every day. A swimmer swims daily, a rower rows, a singer sings. I’m a student so I drink every day… oh and study sometimes.

We love time. As humans we crave more time to do things, more hours in a day, more days in a week and more weeks in a year. As ‘Big Sean’ says ‘I’d go vegan if I got another two years’ before telling us how spiritual he has become in his sea of models and bare dolla. What a guy. What does it mean to be time efficient and how can we do it? How can we generate time?

I use a principle called time multiplication. Invest a minute today to save a minute every following day. If you save a minute a day, you save just over six hours in a year and a few hundred over a lifetime.

What does this mean then? Simple stuff like creating a place you always put your keys at night so that you don’t spend five minutes every morning looking for them. You just saved 1000 hours in your life. Creating a daily plan so you don’t leave three hours empty a day. You just gained a few years.

It’s a case of cutting out the rubbish so that you can spend as many minutes of your day doing what you want as much as possible. Whether that is gaming, meditating, yoga, drinking, drinking or drinking. Also it’s just a cool concept to think that you are creating time.

So yes, have some fun with it. Don’t try and do it all in one day, just each day try and shave one minute of rubbish off your day. Trim its beard, as a pose to lobbing its head off. All the while thinking ‘I just created 300 hours’ just by creating a spot for your keys. It takes minimal effort for far greater reward. Just create the habit of multiplying time.

I guess now is the time when I tell you about my current project, my current journey which I encourage you to join. I’m growing out my beard to create a hairy masterpiece that one day will blow in the wind of wisdom. However, if on any day I fail my challenge I must shave the entire thing off. Every twenty days I am introducing a new habit into my life or changing an existing one in my life. This means as the beard grows my life steadily and constantly improves. I’m daily blogging about this and my other random ramblings and thoughts. If you do join me on this quest, let me know. I’d love to chat.