The Kyrie Irving Trade Conspiracy

It’s August 2017. 4:57 PM. Kyrie Irving sits across from Dan Gilbert and LeBron James, and they laugh. Together they had pulled off the greatest ruse in NBA history.

When the Cavs finally decided to pull the trigger on trading their all-NBA point guard, the league was shaken. But why would one of the most dynamic players want off of one of the best teams? There’s only one answer: he didn’t.

The Kyrie Irving trade request was all a scam to bring down the surging Boston Celtics. Danny Ainge and company have a wealth of assets to own both the present and the future. That is unless the team chemistry shatters.

Isaiah Thomas is an all-star caliber player, but he is nowhere near Kyrie’s level of production. So why trade them for each other? To create a split between Boston and their heart and soul. Then, when he gets a chip on his shoulder against his “ex-team,” void the trade. Now Isaiah hates Boston and they need to trade him. But for who? They aren’t getting Kyrie in return, so the team is getting worse.

As Dan Gilbert’s mismanagement seemed to have once again crushed the hopes of Cleveland, he had created a mastermind plan. Despite having generational talent, he saw the East as no longer a cakewalk to the Finals. The Celtics had constructed a team to give them a run for their money. So what was the solution? Break the team up.

As 5'9 Isaiah Thomas, the last pick of the 2011 draft, the man who had been traded twice before, is forced to join a new team for the third time walks out of Boston, there is no turning back. The chip on his shoulder has grown. The Celtics have turned their back on him like so many have before. He gave the team everything, and they turned their back on him. He would never again don the green and white.

So now where are we? What do the Celtics do? They can’t keep Isaiah and if they trade him they get pennies on the dollar. They were sabotaged.

Still don’t believe it? Even the recently canned David Griffin hinted at the plan. He was in on it too! Check it out:

So Griff was in on it (presumably paid off in the way we can all assume Mark Cuban is paying Dirk to sign these little contracts), Kyrie was in on it, Cleveland’s native son LeBron James was in on it, and the once maligned, now genius Dan Gilbert saved the day. The Cavaliers will run back a team that has made three straight NBA finals, and there is now no doubt that the same team will be able to make it back again (minus Kevin Love, he was not in on the conspiracy and will be traded for wing players).

Need more proof? The Celtics weren’t the first team that they tried to destroy. Their NBA Finals foes the Warriors were. Before “trading” Kyrie to Boston, they tried to “swap” him for Klay Thompson.

So why would one of the NBA’s best teams try to trade with their two biggest rivals? They wouldn’t. They would try to crush them from within. And crush the Celtics they will; all thanks to Dan Gilbert’s master plan.