An Experience in Pair Programming

On our most recent project I was paired up with Sonova, a former web developer who studied Computer Science at Howard University. It was interesting to see our two different approaches and how when we slowed down and took our time, the purpose of pair programming really became clear. Sometimes I would write a line of code and start to run it, when Sonova would speak up and let me know that we had yet to connect that button to our code; or Sonova and I would be looking at our simulator wondering what went wrong, and almost always one of us was able to quickly find the problem and fix it, when alone I’m not sure I would have been able to identify the problem as quickly. Not only was it helpful to program along side a partner for debugging and problem solving, it was also great to be able to learn from my partner. Not being a very design oriented person myself, I had a lot to learn from Sonova. Before, I would just throw my buttons onto the story board in what looked to be about the right spot and then start to write code, but when I watched my partner lay out our storyboard I realized just how precise I need to be when making an app. It also taught me that I need to slow down and really think through problems before I start writing my code, because when you’re programming with someone else you need to fully explain your idea before you try it. You cannot just take the reigns and start writing code which doesn’t work very well especially when compared to the code you write after explaining it all the way through to your partner. Pair programming was a great learning experience for me, not only about pair programming but it also gave me some ideas about how to be more productive programming on my own in the future.

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