5 Effective Ways to Increase the Size of your Penis

Ways to Increase the Size of your Penis

Today there are plenty of penis enlargement methods that you can choose from. Some are natural while others need surgery and the use of funky looking devices that will definitely cost you. Nevertheless, it gives the male a choice, as they can now pick from the techniques best suited to their needs.

As you know, undergoing surgery includes a huge risk and a sum of money that other techniques does not have. Also, consider the long recover torture and time. Ultimately, the involvement to enlarge the penis is complicated and needs a long period of rest later. There are also natural technique of penis enlargement and one that is common to everyone is the herbal pills, much cheaper that the surgeries and the results are pretty good to polls conducted on the product pages and through testimonials and opinions of users.

These top five ways listed below will aid in penis enlargement, but there is no guarantee that it includes side effects with certificates that guarantee and its effectiveness and safety. Though, they are recognized by industry experts and professional like sexologists and urologists, which carried unanimously their suggestions along with other techniques of penis enlarging.

Penis enlargement extenders

These products use the same set of traction used in orthopedic surgery, whereby a body tissue exposed to a tensile force can expand and stretch the penis. But who will want to experience the discomfort of the device.

Penis enlargement pills

We have assessed the efficacy of these products to achieve a more permanent penis enlargement in width and length, but unfortunately, there is some side effects as no one can say actually that It will work on all particular without any sort of side effects since manufacturers are not the same likewise the individual that will use them.


The idea is to enlarge the penis so it grows. It might seem at first that it will work, though, the medical ramifications of this technique are dangerous extremely and although this penis enlargement technique is used in various cultures, though it is still very dangerous and can cause amputation and gangrene of the organ if it’s used wrongly and for an extended time period.

Vacuum bombs

The penis enlargement technique “might” increase the penis temporarily, but they can’t enlarge, the results will only persist in using the product when it stops the penis returns to its original size. In additional we don’t suggest using these devices more than 20 minutes per day and if they are used for a longer time period, can cause a disease that might be described as a continuous erection that can lead to amputation and gangrene.


This is the only penis enlargement technique that will not cost you even a single penny nor put you at risk. It is done naturally and manually and even though the results might take some effects, you are assured of its permanency. Talk to a health care provider to know on how to follow the schedule and much more.