NBA Stock Report: November 24

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and my family says I need to come downstairs soon. I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

Market Watch

Biggest Growths


  1. Kyle Kuzma — $343 →$412 (+$69)

Kuzma has cashed in on the opportunity afforded to him by Larry Nance’s injury. He averaged 21.5 points per game on nearly 50 percent shooting (48 percent from deep) over the last week, staking his claim as LA’s best rookie.

2. TJ Warren — $505 →$566 (+$61)

Warren is 2-for-23 from three this season but is enjoying career-high percentages from 10–16 feet en route to 18.7 points per game. Stock up: midrange jumpers.

3. Tyreke Evans — $343 →$399 (+$56)

Count me in on Tyreke Evans being good at basketball again. Averages of 18/5/4 on 50/41/81 splits for a guy who was destined for China a year ago. Stock down: the Chinese Basketball Association.

Biggest Declines

Doc’s reaction when he feels the seat beneath him warming up.
  1. Patrick Beverley — $515 →$1 (-$514)

It’s never good to hear a player “required microfracture surgery and an arthroscopic repair of his right lateral meniscus.” Especially in a contract year. Thoughts and prayers.

2. David Lee — $341 →$1 (-$340)

Enjoy retirement, two-time All-Star David Lee!

3. Paul Millsap — $613 →$342 (-$271)

Millsap will likely be out 2–3 months after undergoing surgery on his wrist. Tough blow for the playoff-hungry Nuggets.

Biggest Growth


Cleveland Cavaliers — $1,021 →$1,096 (+$75)

The Cavs are 7–1 and winners of six in a row since LeBron posted the Arthur meme. It even looks like Dwyane Wade has some life left in his legs and Jeff Green is tricking me into thinking he’s good. All is right in Cleveland.

Biggest Decline

Memphis Grizzlies — $782 →$680 (-$102)

I wrote this in the Investment Corner of my November 1 column: “Any team that plays in the Western Conference and relies on Tyreke Evans, 31-year old Mario Chalmers, Andrew Harrison, and one-knee Chandler Parsons cannot be trusted. Especially over the course of an 82-game season. This is probably peak value.” So far, I’ve been wrong about Tyreke Evans. But the Grizzlies, without Mike Conley, have been in the tank since that writing. Losers of their last six and 2–8 in their last 10 games, Memphis has been el stinko.

Jack’s Investment Corner

Buy: Lauri Markkanen

The Finnisher’s stock has steadily increased since he was hammered for being picked seventh by the Bulls. His latest performance was a 26-point, 13-rebound effort in a loss to the Suns. Chalk it up as a win for the Bulls, who want to lose this year and seem to have gotten a good one in Markkanen.

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