Eight miniature horror stories

I spoke with my children; everyday they sat down to watch the television, I asked them why they never turned it on. They turned around, with suffering and tears on their faces … “It is on”.

I cook for my family; they don´t ask what´s in the food, so I don’t tell them.

He went on the radio; a politician accused of taking bribes. After confessing his innocence he handed a letter to the host and said — “Look away”… and then he pulled out a Smith and Wesson 27.

I put Rose on my bed; a porcelain doll that my grandmother had handed down through the generations. Later I found Rose at my kitchen table, then days later… under the bed.

I close the curtains in my room every night; I close the curtains in my room every morning.

Last night I had a dream; the telephone rang and when I answered there was weak, gurgling, voice asking for my help, my husbands. This morning the telephone rang.

I sleep alone; I awoke to find my young daughter standing at the foot of my bed, in a still sleeping state a told her simply to go back to bed at which point she slowly walked out of the room. In the morning I went to wake her only to realize that this was the weekend she stayed with her father.

I grow roses; you lose a friend.