These days, because of the corona virus outbreak, I have plenty solitary time at home. Apart from work, I spent quite some time thinking about what coding project I can do. Finally, I come up with this idea about creating a youtube channel with the sole aim of pronouncing all the words in the world.

As a language learner, I think one of the challenges that we always face is the lack of opportunity to speak the language.

So you may know that I have a youtube Project, it is called Vocab Today. This is an experimental project and the goal is to pronounce every word in the world. At the very beginning of the project, as a lot of YouTubers have suggested, I try to build connection with other YouTubers. One very good way that is suggested to do it is by commenting on other people YouTube videos.

At the very beginning, of course, I play by the rules. I subscribed to other people channels, and I watch the videos and then I comment on their videos…

Jack Chan

Hi, it’s Jack here. I’m an IT professional, author, designer and educator. I am the author of Python API Development Fundamentals. Follow me at

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