Why you need a Postmates Clone ?

Postmates is the on demand goods delivery service who deliver everything including food and grocerry from the stores around your city. it is one of the best on demand delivery system live right now in the market.

work flow:

There are 2 side of apps interface and one admin control panel. User can search and order items available in the mobile app of Postmates. Other side, all the nearby Postmates ( delivery boys ) will get request of work and any one who are willing to work will accept the request from mobile app.

User will get notified after delivery accepted and then details like address and name of postmates and user are exchanged to communicate and make delivery. After delivery completed and user release payments from mobile app using any available method, the deliveryman will get his payment and Postmates also earn some commission on each successful service delivered.

If you are running a local goods delivery service or planning to start this type of business then Postmates Clone is the best option for you. you will get every feature same like Postmates current app plus you also can add new custom features or you can remove some as per your requirements.